About us

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About us

Triton is a company specialized in projecting, performing and production of high-quality products for a string of various industries (Engineering, LED, Solar).

We cultivate dedication for innovation and customer satisfaction and strive to use the latest technology and technics for creating reliable and efficient products.

Our creativity and service are provided in various business activities.
Production of process equipment includes serial and individual production of machines for labeling, filing, closing, and packaging.

Our innovations are also used in production facilities for plastic elements.

We work on projects that include automatization of production facilities for food, medical and many more industries.

Projecting and production

We have machines for processing metals and non-metals with various technologies within our machine park.

We also produce industrial LED lighting, where we managed to provide a long working life and competitive guarantee for our customers thanks to our design.

We also cooperate with big companies such as Ensto, Vossloh-Schwabe, BJB.

Our design is recognized and respected by our Scandinavian partner Aqtiled that successfully represents this product in their country.

Within LED industry we’re offering projecting and installation.

Triton, thanks to good business relations with local partners, has also developed sub construction for solar panels. Our goal in the next period is that we start offering an energy-efficient package of products, where with energy-efficient lighting we can also offer installation of solar systems.

We formed an online platform for natural and legal persons with the goal of making our products and our partner’s products easily accessible to everyone. The name of the platform is Triton Trade. The vision is that each product is presented and easily accessible with correct information and price, only a few clicks away from you.

We created Triton Group to successfully unite all the segments.

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