Manual labeling machine MLM200

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Manual labeling machine

A manual labeling machine for applying labels from a roll is an ideal solution for small productions. These machines can stick front, bottom or both labels on round bottles only, on a diameter 25-200 mm, per user’s request. It’s also possible to add a printer to this machine. The printer will apply an expiration date or a serial number during the operation of work.

In standard offer we have two models:

MLM 200/manual labeling machine

  • Dimensions: 378mm x 532mm x 305mm
  • Postponement speed of labels: speed of work of a manual labeling machine only depends on the user
  • Width of the label roll: up to 200mm

MLM 200C/manual labeling machine with printer

  • Dimensions: 410mm x 532mm x 492mm
  • Width of the label roll: up to 200mm
  • Electric supply: 200V AC 50Hz 2A

According to each agreement, for each ordered add-on printer, we install it and adjust printing settings to the customer’s request. From our offer we can single out “Inkjet” printer or thermal printer that under a certain temperature, prints out the requested date or serial number.

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