TO-Series Linear Led Fixture

Triton OPTI Series

Simple and elegant design of high efficiency.

Triton Opti series introduces a minimalist and elegant design.
Opti series offer the possibility of more IP protection up to IP54, as well as CRI90.

Triton Opti series meets the requirement of high-quality lighting.
Optional Optic is adjusted so it gives the best results in simulations.

Programable light output.
Infinity light connection of lights saves time and money during the installation.

-Flickr Free Light Distribution
-Extensive functionality
-Highly efficient lifetime solution
-Easy installation and maintenance
-Controlable and programmable Driver
-Precise and high quality output
-Robust,compact design integrates into the architecture

The size of the lights is measured by increments by 600mm.
Up to 204Lm/W.

For more technical information, download PDF Technical Sheet.

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