Triton LED

Reliable and high-quality linear LED lighting, directly from the producer.

– Projecting (Simulations)
– Performance (Installation)
– Sales (retail and wholesale)

Provide high energetic efficiency with linear LED lighting.
Aside from a simulation at our expense, you will also get these significant parameters:

  • The necessary level of lighting that completely meets the needs of your work and working space.
  • The kind, amount, and type of lights that’s necessary to provide the right level of lighting.

Triton LED is in cooperation with the leaders of LED industry such as Vossloh-Schwabe, Ensto and Wieland.

We also cooperate with leaders in our local industry such as MTC and ProLight.

Our linear LED lights is available in different editions divided by
– duration,
– color of lights,
– power and
– Ip classification.
Classification of our products is determined in several different series:
Triton OPTI (TO-Series)
Triton MAX (TM-Series)
Triton OPTI-S (TOS-Series)
Triton MAX-S (TMS-Series)
Triton Blank (TB-Series)
Triton Sensor (TS-Series)

Our products: